Hello, my name is Jilly and I am New Masquerade, I am building a portfolio for my web design career and I hope that I am improving as I go along. I've been a web designer for a few years now I became qualified in 2006 but up until now I haven't had faith or confidence in myself to further this knowledge until recently. So I am practicing and building a portfolio along the way, I will then take the best ones from the portfolio to open my own website and hopefully get somewhere.

I will also be doing logos although this isn't a strong point of mine but that's only because I don't do them so as the saying goes practice makes perfect.

If you enjoy my blog and come back then you're welcome to view it and hopefully leave a comment I adore constructive criticism and I like to hear your thoughts. I know I'm not perfect but I'm friendly and that's a start, I don't bite!

You are free to look around and also I don't mind occassional requests and I also will make a webpage for £25 while I am training because this will give me more experience and I thrive on experience.

Take care

You can contact me through my email address 

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